TEC system



Our patented light deprivation system tricks the plant into thinking its autumn, causing the plant to enter the flowering stage of its development cycle, allowing farmers to achieve multiple yields a year which was only reserved for indoor growers. Until now!



 Our Light deprivation system is made in the USA;

 proudly simplistic, harsh weather rugged and cost effective.


 With a few turns of a crank, the blackout fabric is pulled over the “interior” light deprivation room where you can achieve 100% light deprivation in under 60 seconds!

Being inside adds another layer of protection for your investment, extra plastic for light diffusion for plants

and saves you from the

 disaster that is exterior light deprivation techniques.

 (Those who know, know what we mean!)



 The “exterior” commercial grade protective greenhouse provides an additional layer of insulation, saving you money on heating/cooling and also acts as a condensation barrier, protecting the light deprivation grow space from any unwanted moisture that could cause mold or mildew

potentially wiping out your whole crop.


 Both layers are equipped with 5 ft retractable side walls, allowing the farmer complete control of the environment with out spending a dime on energy consumption.


You can now be flowering under the most intense period of sun for your specific geographical location and you decide when the plants bloom, taking control like never before in a greenhouse environment.


Running lights at night is no longer a concern because light can not escape the inside of the light depo room , therefor diverting any unwanted attention and not being a pest to your neighbor with all the light pollution.



We are greenhouse farmers who believe we have solved most of the obstacles we have encountered growing cannabis in a greenhouse, getting multiple yields per year, saving money on electric and building costs while enjoying a very user friendly system that grows the finest product.


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